Moon Travel: Cartagena and Colombia's Caribbean Coast

I am happy to announce that my first title in the Moon Travel series on Colombia is being published this December 2020!

While I definitely got all the white sand beaches you could ever dream of covered, what makes this guide different from others out there is that I focus particularly on cultural dynamics in the Caribbean region of Colombia, from the champeta clubs of Cartagena to the indigenous practices of the Sierra Nevada and La Guajira regions.

I also always try to steer travelers into local experiences, whether it be a locally run coffee finca in the misty mountains of Minca or a Posada Nativo in San Andres. 

If there's one thing I have learned after spending over a decade traveling in Colombia and now calling it my full-time home is that the real gold here is in the Corazon of the Colombians themselves. I recommend any and all visitors to spend as much time with the locals as possible, its always the highlight of any trip!

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